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Execution Solutions
Binance Algos enhance your trade performance by optimizing order execution through technology powered by Binance’s market-leading liquidity.
Our algo suite is customizable and dynamic to suit your execution objectives, while intelligently responding to market conditions.
Empower your execution with the Binance Algo suite.
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Introducing Binance Algos
Enhance Trade Performance
Reduce slippage and execution cost, achieving spread savings while minimizing market impact.
Intelligent and Dynamic
Binance Algos intelligently respond to market conditions to optimize execution and maximize liquidity.
Widest Support for Cryptocurrencies & Fiat
Support for >150 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies listed on Binance including synthetic cross currency pairs.
Agency Execution
Algo orders are executed in an agency model and walled-off from any principal trading activity to ensure confidentiality.
What is an Algo Order?
Technology-powered solution to enhance and optimize trade execution.
Algo orders are executed in smaller blocks with logic-based strategies to optimize order fill.
Variety of order types include limit-based, time-based and market-based strategies.
The Binance Algo Edge
Largest Liquidity Pool
Leverage Binance’s significant franchise to minimize market impact and maximize spread savings with true internalization of your order. Furthermore, benefit from low-latency access to Binance exchange liquidity, the largest centralized liquidity pool in the world.
Customizable Strategies
Tailor your execution strategies and objectives to your needs with customizable order parameters.
Execution Transparency
Achieve best execution with detailed insights on order fills, market pricing and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tools.
High-touch Service
Global expertise in execution solutions for best-in-class institutional client service and real-time technical support
Who uses Algos?
Asset Managers & Investment Funds
Optimize speed and cost effectively when executing portfolio trades and schedule periodic rebalancing
High-net worth individuals and proprietary traders
Reduce market impact for large trades and efficiently maximize liquidity available, especially for less liquid altcoins
Crypto Miners
Simplify liquidation of mining rewards dynamically with market volume to attain best prices
Corporate Treasury
Achieve best execution with proven cost savings and execution performance over long time horizons
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