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NPXS Monthly Token Unlock Program
2018-09-14 10:48

All Binance users that hold NPXS in their accounts are eligible for the NPXS Monthly Token Unlock Program. Specific rules and calculations are listed below:

Daily NPXS generated by each user = Daily NPXS generated by Binance * Daily User NPXS holdings ratio.

Daily user NPXS holdings ratio = Daily User NPXS holdings / Total NPXS held on Binance


  • Unlocked NPXS tokens are calculated daily and combined to be distributed monthly. Distributions will be completed before the 15th of each month.
  • Users with a balance of <1 NPXS (including those in trade orders) will not be included into the daily NPXS calculations.

Based on the accelerated unlock schedule implemented by the Pundi X team in Feb 2019, the final monthly distribution of NPXS to all eligible Binance users was completed on 2019/06/14 and thus has not been included in this announcement. The official announcement from Pundi X on the accelerated unlock schedule can be seen here.