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How to Enter External Address on Binance Pool

2020-06-29 11:22
An external address has to be linked in order to allow Binance Pool to distribute Merged mining income for currencies that are not yet offered on the Binance Exchange. In order to provide miners with additional income, users are now able to enter external addresses for VCASH and ELA Merged mining. Once you create a wallet or deposit addresses for VCASH and ELA, you can enter them into the system to start receiving Merged mining income each month.
How to enter an external address:
1. Register and log in to Binance Pool.
Register and log in at pool.binance.com
2. Generate an external wallet address.
Binance currently supports external addresses for VCASH and ELA. The current official wallet or exchange deposit addresses are supported.
3. Link an address.
Log in to Binance and click on Binance Pool in the Finance drop-down menu on the homepage. If you have not created a mining account yet, first create an account, then click on Account Management under your account list on the Binance Pool homepage.
Click Payment Address on the Account Management page.
Click Edit and enter the corresponding address. Click Save to finish linking the address.
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