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What's the appealing process on Binance P2P (App)
2020-08-21 09:39
If you are a seller,
After the buyer clicks “Mark as paid” or “Transferred, Next”, you can file an appeal by clicking “Appeal”, and a pop-up will instruct you to choose either chatting with your counterparty or make a phone call to reach an agreement before involving the customer support team.
If you cannot reach an agreement with your counterpart through either Chat or Phone, you can click “Appeal”. The next step requires a “Reason for Appeal” (here we choose ‘I received the payment from the buyer but the amount is not correct’ as an example), and you also need to upload a proof to support your argument.
Note: We strongly recommend you to leave your phone number here with the corresponding country codes, thus our CS team can reach you more efficiently.
By clicking the appeal, you can see your appeal is currently in a “Pending” status. In this page, you need to wait for your counterparty’s response within a 10-minute time window, or you can also decide to cancel the appeal here. You can click “Appeal progress” to view the status of your appeal.
Meanwhile, on the buyer’ side, he or she has 10 minutes to choose to talk with you again, before clicking on either “Negotiation Failed” or “Consensus Reached”.
This snapshot below is from the buyers’ side:
Scenario 1 The buyer clicks on “Negotiation Failed”, then the description beneath the “Appeal Pending” will change to “Please wait for Binance customer support’s assistance”, which means our customer support team will soon contact both parties and start to arbitrage.
Scenario 2 The buyer clicks on “Consensus Reached”, then it is your time to confirm whether there is a real agreement reached or not. By clicking “Consensus reached”, you can cancel the appeal in the pop-up window if clicking “Cancel the appeal”, you can now go ahead to release. Otherwise, it will go back to Scenario 1.
Scenario 3 The buyer fails to respond within 10 minutes, then your appeal will turn into a pending stage as Scenario 1.
If you are a buyer,
The process is more or less the same. Only in the testification page, the buyers’ reasons are different from sellers’.
Again, if both parties finally reach a consensus, then the buyer will be returned to “To be released” page.
The one last thing is,
if you mistakenly click “Cancel the appeal” during the Appeal Pending stage, then you need to wait for another 5 minutes, in order to file a second-time appeal.
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