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Binance USDⓈ-M Futures System Upgrade Notice (2021-03-02)

2021-03-01 05:11
Fellow Binancians,
Binance Futures will perform a scheduled USDⓈ-M futures system upgrade starting at 2021-03-02 01:00 AM (UTC). The upgrade will take approximately 1 hour.
Binance will conduct the following upgrades:
  • Binance USDⓈ-M Futures
    • During the upgrade period, Binance will suspend USDⓈ-M futures contracts trading. Please note that the upgrade will not affect COIN-M futures contracts trading.
    • For API traders, Binance will stop accepting USDⓈ-M futures contracts order cancellation requests made via POST /fapi/v1/s/countdownCancelAll 2 hours prior to the start of the system upgrade. Please refer to the detailed API documentation here.
  • Binance Options (Mobile App)
    • Binance has suspended options trading with 1 hour and above expiry date at 2021-03-01 03:00 AM (UTC). Extension features have also been disabled and will be resumed after the upgrade is complete on 2021-03-02.
    • Options with 30 minutes and below expiry date will be suspended 1 hour prior to the start of the system upgrade.
  • Binance Leveraged Tokens
    • During the upgrade period, Binance will suspend subscription and redemption functions of leveraged tokens. This upgrade will not affect leveraged tokens trading.
Major improvements in this upgrade include:
  • Overall system performance and stability improvements.
Important Notes:
  • Please note that the upgrade is limited only to Binance Futures and will not affect spot or margin trading.
  • It is recommended that users with open USDⓈ-M futures positions re-assess their collateral balances prior to the start of the upgrade to mitigate against price fluctuations that may occur during the upgrade period.
  • Binance will suspend USDⓈ-M futures asset transfers and Cross Collateral functions 10 minutes prior to the start of the system upgrade. Please ensure you leave sufficient time for any transfers prior to this time.
  • Users will have a 15-minute window after the upgrade is complete to cancel orders, transfer funds and use all other account-related functions before trading resumes.
  • Manually canceling limit orders of grid trading will cause the grid to stop, and this will be executed automatically after trading resumes.
  • New users cannot open futures accounts during the system upgrade.
  • The 1-hour upgrade time is based on our best estimates and may vary. As usual, we will maintain regular communication on the progress of the upgrade on our various social media channels.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience.
Risk Warning: Futures trading carries a substantial risk and the possibility of both significant profits and losses. Past gains are not indicative of future returns. All of your margin balance may be liquidated in the event of extreme price movement. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Binance. All trading strategies are used at your discretion and your own risk. Binance will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of Futures.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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