Here's a comprehensive guide to building a steady passive income from crypto :-

1. Staking:

You can stake your crypto by becoming a nominator. Cryptos like Solana/Injective/Cosmos Let's users stake for a yearly return of 8-15%.

2. Yield Farming:

You can farm yield on your ethereum using platforms like pendle or Frax Finance. They can generate a yield of 20-30% annually but there are risks involved.

3. DeFi Lending:

Lend your cryptocurrencies on defi platforms like Radiant Capital. People can borrow crypto from you in return they give you interest. This method is less riskier than Yield farming.

4. Revenue Sharing Tokens:

Look for tokens that distribute profits to holders. These profits can be distributed regularly, providing you with a daily passive income. Projects like Unibot are a great example.

5. Trading Bots:

Use automated trading bots like Unibot which execute trades on your behalf. While it requires careful selection of bots and strategies, it can yield daily profits. This one is the riskiest method and can also make u losses.

6. Airdrops:

Keep an eye on airdrops.Participating in airdrops is the best way to make passive income. People are making millions with airdrop farming.

7. Referral Programs:

Join Referral programs of crypto exchanges. For Example You can refer your friend to binance and you can receive upto 40% returns.

8. High-Yield Savings Accounts:

Crypto exchanges like Binance offers High-yield Savings accounts for stablecoins/altcoins. Park your funds there to earn daily interest.

Remember, Generating daily passive income from crypto requires research and risk management. Diversify your strategies, and start with small amounts before scaling up.

Daily Passive Income Upto $50-$100 is definitely possible if you follow these methods

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