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Uphold’s partnership with Ripple has raised questions about their previous discussions regarding XRP reaching $1,000 and whether this may have been a subtle hint at their collaboration.

Uphold, a well-known American crypto exchange with a strong affiliation with XRP, had previously engaged in bullish discussions about the digital asset potentially reaching a value of over $100.

These discussions largely went unnoticed at the time. However, in light of Uphold’s recent partnership with Ripple, the XRP community has dug up these past statements and is now speculating if there were hidden messages in Uphold’s earlier conversations.

Uphold’s Discussion on XRP Hitting $1,000

Between 2021 and 2022, Uphold, the U.S.-based trading platform, posted several tweets inquiring about the XRP community’s expectations.

Many XRP supporters expressed their hopes that the digital asset would surpass $1,000 in value. Uphold consistently responded with a similar question: “What would you do if XRP reached $1,000?”

While Uphold’s tweets discussing the possibility of XRP reaching $1,000 were responses to other enthusiasts’ aspirations, the XRP community began to assume that the exchange itself had made these optimistic projections. They theorized that Uphold might have subtly hinted at their now-public partnership with Ripple, which could potentially contribute to XRP’s journey to $1,000.

For instance, a prominent XRP influencer, Amelie, shared a screenshot of Uphold’s tweet about “if XRP reached $1,000” and suggested that there might be a hidden message behind Uphold’s previous statements, hinting at a $1,000 valuation. They believed the Ripple-Uphold partnership had been in the works for a while.

Another XRP influencer, “Digital PerspectivesPermaBull,” expressed a similar viewpoint in response to Uphold’s tweet, echoing Amelie’s sentiments.

However, it’s important to clarify that Uphold initiated the conversation about XRP reaching $1,000, but the projections themselves did not originate from the exchange. This implies there may not be a direct connection between the bullish statements and the recently revealed Uphold-Ripple partnership.

Uphold’s Collaboration with Ripple

Ripple and Uphold recently established a strategic partnership to improve their cross-border payment services. In their official announcement, Ripple revealed its plans to leverage Uphold’s solutions to enhance its global payment infrastructure.

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