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Hong Kong and Macau police arrested four individuals linked to the JPEX case, seizing substantial assets. The arrests are part of an ongoing investigation involving 15 detainees. Despite challenges, authorities froze millions in crypto assets, determined to bring the JPEX fraudsters to justice. Hong Kong and Macau authorities have made significant strides in the ongoing investigation into the JPEX virtual asset trading platform case, with four individuals apprehended, according to reports from the South China Morning Post. Four Arrested by Hong Kong and Macau Police in JPEX Case

In a joint operation between the Hong Kong Police Force and the Macau Judiciary Police, the suspects, allegedly connected to the core of the JPEX fraud network, were arrested.

The arrests included two 29-year-old Hong Kong residents apprehended in Macau. Authorities seized HK$6.5 million in cash and valuables and froze HK$8.2 million in their casino accounts. In Hong Kong, two additional arrests were made, one of whom was identified as Tang, who was found attempting to destroy evidence with a paper shredder and bleach in his apartment's bathtub. The other individual, with the surname Huang, remains unidentified.

Ongoing Investigation Targets Complex Fraud Network

This development follows the September 27 arrest of three more individuals connected to the JPEX case, bringing the total number of arrests in the investigation to 15.

In total, the Hong Kong police have received 2,417 reports related to the JPEX case, involving over HK$1.5 billion. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chung Yung-min disclosed that the recent operation resulted in the seizure or freezing of HK$24 million in assets, including cash and casino accounts. The police are actively tracing virtual assets and collaborating internationally to apprehend those involved.

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